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Meet Holly

I’m a single mother of two young adults, who are going to do amazing things in this world. I am also a busy corporate executive with a lifelong dream to own my own business. Not just any business, but a business that can make a difference in the world. 

I’m not perfect (who is?), I didn’t get everything I ever wanted in life  and believe me, I have had my share of adversity.  I  am no stranger to sadness, depression, loss, frustration and… joy.  I  have voyaged through the spectrum of feelings, and my sails are a bit  tattered.  But that’s fine by me.  If nothing else, I’m a thriving  survivor.  I am a former type A, ambitious, ever-achieving professional,  mother, daughter, ex-wife and friend.  I have  tattoos on my heart from those that I have loved (and some that I have  lost) and scars from the choices I have made in life.  

II feel like those scars help me to understand people, and meet you where you are in life. I’m not afraid of challenge, I’m not afraid of people who have darkness or are going through darkness. I’m not afraid of people’s stories, I’m not afraid of their sadness, of their fear, their loss.  My scars help me to have compassion, understanding and the tenacity to know that it does get better. 

I know how to get you through it.   

I got into this business in an evolutionary way. I’ve always known I had information other people didn’t. As a child I was clairvoyant and I thought it was cool that my dreams came to life. As I got older I lost touch with my sensitivities but they never left me. I credit 100% of my career success to my gifts. I grew my entry level technical job into a top executive position in just over 10 years.

People noticed my success and came to me for career coaching... wanting to know my secret. I’ve never shared the truth. Until now. So here it is. I’m an intuitive.

I know how to build relationships with people because I know them. I can solve their problems because I know how to read their energy. I can assess a room of people quickly, because I can hear what they want to hear and that gives me an advantage. In a corporation filled with brilliant people with incredible educations... I get a seat at the table because I listen to my intuition and it guides me. 

I learned early in life that mentors impact our success.  They hold us up in times of struggle.  They bring clarity in chaos.  And they are the first one we call to celebrate that hard-won win.  After thirty years on the receiving end of mentorship, it’s time I paid it forward for others.    Now, I help executives who seemingly ‘have it all’ and yet… feel stuck, overwhelmed or isolated in their life.  And along the way... I help them realize their own intuitive superpower. 

When you have gone through the spectrum of life; experiencing the highest of highs and the lowest of lows…  and you have gratitude for every bit of it, there’s a part of you that just wants to pay it forward and help other people. You feel drawn to share what you’ve learned. You want to share your energy, your strength and share your story to help other people find hope for their own situation. 

A powerful draw.    

It’s in my soul, I feel it; it’s indescribable, there’s no  other way. I can find other distractions, other things to do in my life,  but it’s never going to be as fulfilling as connecting with another human being, helping them voyage through their adversity.  

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Holly Segur is a mentor for CEOs, high-level executives and entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed and isolated in their quest to grow their business. As an experienced top executive in a Fortune 500 company, Holly understands the emotional burden that comes with growing and running dynamic businesses. With over 30 years of experience in corporate leadership, and after supporting hundreds of global clients, Holly is uniquely qualified to guide her clients through the diverse challenges of business leadership.

Her clients consider her their trusted advisor, biggest supporter and accountability coach rolled into one. Holly will get you feeling confident, creative, and at ease with the pressures of leading your company, while positively impacting business growth & results.