Lets make this easy for you

There is nothing I love more than passionate, brilliant entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives. I know the emotional burden that comes with growing and running dynamic businesses.  Some days you feel;

The cloak of responsibility feels overwhelming and isolating.

Success sometimes feels terrifying when it should be celebrated

And life, can feel way out of balance.

Perhaps you have tried other solutions that didn’t deliver on their promise:

Leadership courses that inspired you, but didn’t sustain themselves longer than six months.

Brilliant consultants who tell you how to run your business, but don’t acknowledge your style of leadership.

Sharing with your ‘support’ network - family, friends, therapists, peers - left you feeling misunderstood, burdensome and confused in your own confidence.

I can shift you out of this place of chaos and feel passionate again about your work.

Here is what the next 90 days will look like for you:

peace-of-mind (for the first time in how long?)

My clients consider me their trusted advisor, their biggest supporter, and accountability coach, rolled into one.  I will listen without judgment, embrace your emotions, and provide you with a sacred space to share freely. Together, we unpack your current challenges and create action plans for resolution.  I don't tell you how to solve your problems ... believe me, you already have that knowledge.

I help you find mental clarity and feel emotionally supported, which translates into money making energy for you.  I will get you feeling confident, creative, and at ease with the pressures of leading your company.

Renewed Confidence

Once you develop a plan tailored to your personal leadership style, I assure you, the confidence you once felt will return. Seeing ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’ is a timeless adage that never loses its power. You really will feel a sense of power and control over the future once you map out the journey.


Clarity creates an incredible amount of creative energy. Decisions will come easier, innovative solutions will flow and you will find the capacity to lead your business into the future.

How we will work together

Time is money at your level. And I’m not interested in wasting your precious resource, especially when you need results right away. I offer mentoring at various levels of engagement. To meet you exactly where you are right now.

Most clients start with a one day intensive session focused on unpacking your current reality and defining an actionable plan for implementation. I assure you, this day alone, will give you clarity and focus on the critical steps you can take to create ease in your situation.

From there, ongoing mentor sessions are offered for a deeper level of transformation with your team and business performance. Mentor sessions are offered virtually and on-site, depending on your desired level of engagement.