Lead Intuitively

Are you a person that feels stuck?

Let's Discover the Power of your Feelings.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to make a choice and you just ‘knew’ the right answer?  Did you listen to yourself? Did you listen to your feelings? Or did another factor influence your decision?

Too often we are focused on the mechanics of running our lives. When your focus lies outside of yourself, on the conditions present in your day to day activities, you begin to ignore your inner knowing. Regardless of the situation, your feelings play an integral role in not only your life, but the destination you are seeking.  Many times, you know where you want to go, however, it can feel like a complex super highway of options and problems. Overwhelm, fear, and exhaustion leave you stranded without a compass or clear route through the labyrinth of life.

Outlining and understanding your Core Desired Feelings (reconnecting with your heart) is an effective way to set you on the right pathway to achieving your goals. These Feelings are our world’s conscious guideposts toward our dreams and goals. Our intuition, or subconscious guidelines, are also often forgotten in daily life.

I want to show you how to tap into the knowledge that you already have… inside of yourself… to solve these problems.  Trusting your intuition to lead your life requires you to FEEL. We learn over time to quiet that information so necessary in reaching our goals.  Together, let’s re-learn how to harness your internal navigation system!


So, where do we begin?

If the idea of re-discovering your intuition and using your feelings as a guidepost appeals to you, let’s work together!  I will encourage you to awaken that ‘inner knowing’ that has been with you all along. Using your Core Desired Feelings (reconnecting with your heart) as true North, we will charter the path towards your new destination.


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Do you know what distinguishes a good leader from a great leader?  Have you ever wondered how certain people seem to effortlessly excel in their career while others flounder?   In my 30 years of experience in corporate America, I understand that the primary characteristic that separates great leaders from the rest is intuition.